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2019 Truck Fest -Blowin the doors off!

Every year we head down the mountain to our home track to compete in Truck Fest at Bandimere Speedway. After competing at UCC this past spring we discovered that we still have a lot to learn about the new drag setup so we pulled the compounds off and tried a single charger in order to take a little bit of stress off of everything. We wanted to work on tuning the chassis and not worry about all the added stress on the engine. Went from 140+ lbs of boost down to 70-80lbs and dropped 500* + on the egt side. ~9200ft DA and a mechanical pump was a little rough at first but I’m confident we’ll get it dialed in. Overall I was happy with a few 9.0 at 150+mph runs for a fuel only, single charger, mechanical truck. We’ll start playing with nitrous and see how fast it’ll go! I missed a shift on the last pass(that’s why the trap is so low) or that would have been my 8. I had a slight issue with the doors staying on or we would have made a couple more passes and got that 8! In any case we had a great time at Truckfest and got to take home the first place trophy in Heads Up Diesel! Thanks to everyone that supports us getting to the track and everyone that came out and helped! We couldn’t do it without all the support from our sponsors! ~John

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