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Our story begins in 2008 when Kyle & Mitzi Schirado saw the need for heavy/medium duty truck repair in Grand County and opened Granby Truck Shop in June 2008. The shop specialized in maintenance and repair for local fleet trucks and still continues to service this need in the county today. In 2013, Kyle's son John Schirado joined him and took on the task of getting the shop more involved in the pickup truck and performance side of the diesel industry. Gradually, the Granby Truck Shop (GTS) customer base grew from just within our little town to customers coming from all regions of Colorado just to ensure the level of detail that the Schirado's put into every service and build. Today, GTS has been fortunate enough to expand our customer base across the United States.
In 2016, GTS moved into a new 7,000+ sqft facility in Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado where we have grown into a "one stop shop" for diesel performance and repair. We provide a wide selection of services including product installation, diagnostic services, inspections, engine blue printing & builds, chassis and race builds including roll cages up to a 25.6 certification, custom fabricated parts, welding services, and custom turbochargers built to suit any application. GTS also provides a range of in stock items which allows for appointments and builds to move along faster including tubing, AN fittings, hardware, fuel filters, etc. 
At GTS, we take pride in being know for our attention to detail and can assure that we have the knowledge and tools to diagnose and repair your diesel truck and help you reach specific goals for your build. Whether the goal is to increase mileage, fine tune your chassis, or reach a certain horsepower range we are capable of helping you and your truck reach them! 
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