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Hot Shot's Secret FR3 1 QT

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OIL ADDITIVE – 100% Synthetic Friction Reducer with 3 Patented Technologies

Heat and friction silently steal power from your engine. The scientists from LSI Institute have uncovered a powerful lubricity agent…Hot Shot’s Secret FR3. One treatment of FR3 to your oil and your engine will run cooler and have increased towing power. Negatively charged synthetic ester tenaciously attaches to all internal parts completely lubricating your engine. Recommended for ALL gas & diesel engines. NOT for use in automatic transmission fluid.

  • Increase fuel economy up to 5%
  • Reduction in oil operating temperature
  • Reduces engine wear up to 43%
  • Improves oil’s oxidative stability
  • Restores lost compression
  • Reduces lifter & valve noise
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