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This kit was designed to simplify the throttle cable assembly on first gen trucks that have been modified to run a p-pump. This kit is designed to visually improve the engine compartment by reducing clutter while drastically reducing the complexity of the 12 valve throttle linkage assembly. It utilizes the stock 94-98 12 valve cable from the accelerator pedal to the engine but replaces all the brackets and rods on the side of the injection pump. It is designed for race applications because it eliminates the cruise control mounting points along with the TV lever on trucks equipped with automatic transmissions. If you plan on running this with an automatic transmission you must have a constant pressure valvebody. We make a kit to securely and safely, manually adjust the TV arm on the transmission.

This kit also comes with an upper hole designed to be used as a mechanical fuel kill commonly used in race/pulling applications or on trucks running minimal wiring and electronics.

This bolts over the motor mount for trucks utilizing the factory style first gen motor mounts. The 2 rear motor mount bolts on the driver side need to be removed and replaced with the bolts provided in the kit. This kit also works well on Cummins conversion trucks. Most of the Cummins conversion motor mounts are flat and shaped similar to the ones on a first gen Cummins truck. If you have any questions on your specific vehicle give us a call.

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